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One Day Photography Workshops


Our One Day Photography Workshops are one of our most popular ways of learning. They are an excellent way of getting up to speed in a quick and thorough way. Our Complete Beginners Workshops are particularly good for people who want to learn the basics of photography and get more our of their cameras immediately. You should expect to see a drastic improvement in your photos as soon as you leave at the end of the day. Split into two One Day Workshops - (Part 1 and Part 2) we start with the basic concepts of photography, camera settings and controls, and work up to getting you off AUTO mode and into one of the more creative Semi Auto modes instead (aperture priority and shutter priority). See the course outline below for more details. 

We also have a number of workshops that are aimed at the more experienced photographers, who want to learn a specific aspect of photography in more detail - for example Landscape photography, Portrait photography, Street & Travel or Black & White for example. For these workshops its avisable that you are already fairly confident when using semi automotic modes and have a good understanding of basic camera controls and settings. Its time to learn and explore your creativity.

  • Small Groups for concentrated and fun learning
  • Relaxed & informal atmosphere
  • Perfect for the Complete Beginner


Complete Beginners Workshop Part 1

Length: 1 Day Workshop
Group Size: 4 max
Times: 10am - 5pm
Price: £95
Level: Complete Beginner
What You’ll Learn: ✓ Setting up your camera & basic camera functions & settings
✓ The Basics of Exposure
✓ Composition - creating impact.
✓ Exposure Practical session
✓ Review- - pulling it all together

This course is ideal as an introduction to modern digital photography. It's been designed for people who are keen to develop their photography skills and learn more about the use of their digital camera, its settings and functions.

Participants will also learn more about the art of taking a photograph, what makes a photograph work or notand we cover the basic 'rules of photography'.

There is a balanced amount of theory and practical to maximise learning and retention - this Part 1 course is naturally slightly more theory based as there is a lot of material we need to cover for the complete beginner, but at each stage we ask you to put the theory into practice using your own cameras and provide valuable feedback if things dont go to plan.


Complete Beginners Workshop Part 2

Length: 1 Day Workshop
Group Size: 4 max
Times: 10am - 5pm
Price: £95
Level: Complete Beginner (having completed L1 workshop or L1 5 lesson course)
What You’ll Learn: ✓ Making Sense of Digital - What it all means
✓ Photographing People - inside and outside
✓ Street and Travel Photography
✓ Black and White Photography with Digital
✓ Night & Low Light Photography in winter or Landscape Photography in Summer

This one day workshop is designed to follow on from the Part 1 Sunday Workshop or Part 1 Complete Beginners Course. Run on the third Sunday of every month, the course is just £195 for all 7 hours - That's just £28 per hour!

As opposed to the Part 1, where the theory was backed up the practicals, the Part 2 is almost the opposite - Much more practical (now that you know the basics!), which is reinforced with just enough theoretical tuition to make sense of it all.

This one day workshop has the advantage of learning in small groups at low cost. Everyone will be encouraged to enter any of their best photos into our Annual Student Photographer Exhibition (usually in January), giving you an inspiring objective to work towards during and after your course.


Getting to Grips with your DSLR camera Workshop

Length: 1/2 Day Workshop
Group Size: 4 max
Times: 10am - 1pm
Price: £49
Level: Complete Beginner with any DSLR camera
What You’ll Learn:

✓ Learn what dials and buttons do what
✓ Set up your camera properly and customise
the settings to suit your eyes and perferences
✓ Understand about lenses and the Flash
✓ Take control of your camera for more predictable results

✓ Learning basic techniques for holding the camera and creating more stability in difficult situations.
✓ Gain the confidence you need to make the most oout of your camera




Photography can be frustrating - and not knowing how to use your camera properly will only aggravate that frustratiuon. This short workshop focuses on the camera itself so that you gain enough confidence to make the most of your camera and current knowledge of photography.

Knowing what functions NOT to use is just as important as knowing the settings and modes that a particular scene does need, so we help to navigate you through the menu system and understand the terminology and functions of each area.

Perfect for those of you who either have a new camera, or who are unsure as to how to use their current cameras. Most cameras now-a-days dont come with a printed manual. Even if they do, they are notoriously bad at explaining what a function actually does and in what situations it should be used. If you have a manual, do feel free to bring it with you as it as we can also go through parts of it you dont understand and use it as a reference.


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