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"My Eton Days" subscriptions are a unique service that we offer to Eton College Parents and Boys. Instead of remembering his time at Eton through countless House photos and Team photos which, in time will invariably end up at the back of a cupboard or in a wine box in the loft, now you are able to create something that captures his true personality, shows the activities he gets involved in, the friends he has made and the beaks who form part of his life. We take a series of 3 photo shoots of him each year that he is at Eton. You then have the option of us compiling all the photos into an incredible heirloom photo book that will allow him to look back at these times with fondness and pride. 

Located conveniently on Eton High Street, we are just 2 minutes walk from Eton College Chapel. We are fortunate in that we have built up a great relationship with the college, due to our reliability, quality and flexibility, and are thus able to access the college grounds and buildings, including your son's house with permission. Having studied at a similar public school himself, our photographer's background and approach is perfect for communicating with beaks, dames, and boys to organize shoots and helps us identify with the boys to capture their true personalities.


Your benefits as a subscriber are...

>>> 1 Photo-shoot every academic term

>>> 20% OFF anything ordered within 14 days of each photoshoot publication

>>> Two FREE 5x7 Prints with every photoshoot

>>> 20% OFF the final photobook if ordered within 30 days of your son leaving Eton

>>> EXCLUSIVE promotions regularly tailored only for My Eton Days Subscribers

>>> 50% OFF any additional photoshoots of your son during his time at Eton

All for just £295 per year.


As an Eton Days Subscriber,  your son will have 3 photo shoots per year (1 per term). Each photo shoot is about 30 minutes to an hour long and varies from a formal shoot around and about the college grounds, to a rugby match, to a fun reportage style shoot with a group of friends, during a play or concert that your son is in and so on.

You are free to renew or cancel your subscription and the beginning of each new academic year. Then at the end of his fifth year you can choose from a wide range of top quality photo-books and albums ranging from clean cut modern styles, to the more traditional leather bound editions or the more modern fully bound photo-books. As we progress, you can purchase photos after each session and will be made available as simple prints, digital files, collages and triptychs, cut-outs and many other ways of presenting the photos, making ideas gifts for Grandparents and Godparents and relatives. We also have a large range of inexpensive silver plated tabletop frames that would add a special something to each photo. Prints start at just £18. Subscription prices cover the shooting time, admin and organisation of the shoots and does not cover any optional products such as prints, photo-books, collages etc. These are all available for purchase during or after your subscription has ended.

Please note that the cost of a final photo-book is not included in the subscription price.

Each photo-shoot is published into an individual master album so that you can keep track of your son's photo-shoots and watch the collection (and your son) grow over the months and years.

Over the years that your son is at Eton, we will collect a varied and rich range of photos that will make the final album come alive and become a wonderful chronicle of such an important part of his life.

"Be proud of your 'Eton Days" and cherish the memories for a lifetime !"


My Eton Days In Summary

-3 photo shoots per year  (1 per school term)

- One single payment of just £295 at the beginning of each academic year

- Flexible photo-shoot structure designed to get as varied an album as possible.

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Example of a final "My Eton Day's" Photo book

(This album had pages that turn over like a real book - please click on any corner or click and drag to flip the pages)

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