My Eton Days referral Program
Get £100 worth of credit

when you recommend us to your friends.
All your friends will also get a £100 credit.

We hope that you are enjoying your Eton Days subscription so much that you'll want to recommend us to your friends and other parents. And we'd like to say a big "Thank you" if you do....

So we will give you a £100 credit for you to spend on any prints, digital files, frames collages or photo-books (cannot be used on the subscription fee) from your shoot for everyone that you recommend and that subscribes to the My Eton Days program, up to a maximum of £300. And what's more, we'll also give your friend an immediate £100 credit that they can also use on any of our post-shoot products (Prints, a DVD of Digital Files, Frames, Photo-books, Cut outs etc. Again this cannot be used on the annual subscription fee.)


How to get your rewards...

  STEP 1 - The Referrer
Forward this email to your friends if you are already a "My Eton Days" subscriber.

Remember - there is no limit to the number of people you can send it to; the more that take up the offer, the more credit you'll earn, up to a max £300.


   STEP 2 - The Friend
If you've received an invitation from a friend and want a £100 credit for any Post-Photo-shoot products (prints, digital files, photo-books etc), then all you have to do is send us the e mail you have been sent by your friend (this is important so we know who you have been referred by) to us stating you'd like to join, and we can arrange a call to sign you up. Its as simple as that.


It is vital that you forward the e mail that you were sent from the person that sent you invitation so that we can track it and reward you both. Otherwise we will NOT be able to credit either party.



Once we have validated the person who has referred you and you have subscribed to the program, you will receive a £100 credit to use on any Post photo-shoot products such as prints, digital files, photo-books, frames collages - in fact anything thats on our price-list for the shoot.

Terms & Conditions

- Only current Eton Days Subscribers can recommend a friend (subscriptions end each year the day before the end of the summer holidays).

- The referrer must invite you to the program by email, including in copy. The friend must then forward that e mail to with a request to join the program OR use the form below and must include details of the person referring them.

- £100 of credit is awarded to the referrer for everyone they recommend who also purchases a Leavers photo-shoot, up to a maximum of £300

- £100 of credit is awarded to all friends that are recommended and who take up the program. You can only be referred to the program once in your lifetime.

- All credits can be used on all standard products that can be bought following the photoshoots (ie all items on the price list), including prints, photo-books, framed collages & cut-outs. Credits cannot be used on the subscription fee.

- All Credits will be valid for 6 months from the date the referred subscription starts. We are unable to give extensions for any reason.

- There is no limit to the number of referrals that you make. Everyone you refer and takes out a booking will get their £100 credit. However, referrers will be limited to a maximum of £300 worth of credits.

- We reserve the right to withdraw this referral program at any time. Those issued with credits before any cancellation of the program will still remain valid until their expiration date


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