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Corporate Photography for Businesses, Companies and Brands

The importance of good quality photography is crucial to any business and any brand (including yourself!) and can alter the way it is perceived by customers to an astonishing level. Decisions such as the the choice of backdrop, the creative use of light, both natural and artificial, and the subtle yet important decision of camera angle can make or break a photo.

With over 10 years of experience in Corporate branding, our owner and photographer, Halid Izzet will be able to guide you through the decision process, taking an 'end customer" approach to his work. Best results are always done in partnership between the photographer and client and its very rare to have a photographer who is so 'brand aware'. Halid worked as Brand Manager and then International Marketing Manager for a portfolio of Whiskies for Allied Domecq, in the Czech republic, France and the USA. The world of Whiskies is a particularly good training ground for Brand Marketing as customer perception is of paramount importance with each product having heavy emotional (as opposed to functional) expectations and functions to fulfill. Halid is now able to use his training and expertise to get the most out of you and your brand by saving you money, being  'Creative Agency" and photographer in one. 

- Corporate Headshots
- LinkedIn and CV Headshots
- Corporate Parties and Events
- Pack Shots and Brand Advertising 'mood' Shots
 Advertising & Press Photography
- We travel anywhere in the UK & abroad

"Photography - The most visible reflection of your company's brand"

Brian Balduf, Founder, VHT



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Your Photographer, Halid K Izzet.

Halid is resident photographer, owner and founder of Rhubarb & Custard. Halid is passionate about Portrait & Landscape photography and has a proven track record of both over a wide spanning career. Following his dream of owning and running a photography gallery and studio, Halid opened Rhubarb & Custard in 2008. With a number of Landscape and Travel exhibitions under his belt, he is now focusing on his other passion, Portrait photography, building the business with clients from Eton College and becoming Eton's most used portrait photographer. His concept of "My Eton Day's Books" came from a lack of photos that represented his own time at school. The ability of being able to represent a student's journey through the most prestigious school in the world, and through the time when they change the most, turning from child into adult, is both a huge privilege and fascination to him.

Halid has also taught photography for over 8 years, both in workshops, evening courses and one to one lessons & coaching. He continues to teach select students on a one to one basis from Rhubarb & Custard in Eton. 

Halid can be booked for Private portraits, family reunions, weddings, corporate portraits and advertising work, as well as Private lessons & coaching in the Art of Photography. 

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