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Passport Photos

Windsor and Eton's Premier Passport Photo Studio in Berkshire

Passport photographs now have very strict guidelines and are often rejected for very minor reasons. It's therefore essential that you get the best possible passport sized photographs that will have the highest chance of being accepted. 

Furthermore, with all the regulations, it's very difficult to make a passport photo, that is with you for 10 years, look half decent! Now that's where we can help... we are trained in ensuring your passport photos conform to all the rules while still looking as beautiful and flattering as they possibly can.

Beware not to waste your money on cheap photo booths which are often a false economy as you often need to try 2 or 3 times before you find a half decent shot. We know all the tricks of the trade that are not only allowed but that make the end result look amazing (well, at least as good as is humanly possible under such restrictive circumstances!).

They can also be used for driving licenses, shotgun permits, blue badges, bus passes, ski passes etc.

  • UK Passport photos
  • Visa photos
  • US passport photos
  • US Visa Photos
  • International visa photos
  • Canadian visa photos 
  • Canadian passport photos
  • Indian visa photos
  • Indian passport photos
  • Baby passport photos
  • Baby visa photos
  • Driving License photos
  • ID photos
  • School ID photos
  • passport size photos
  • British passport photos
  • American passport photos
  • University ID photos  


We can usually have your passport photos developed and printed within 15-20 minutes, but if you aren't in a big rush, we'll make sure to have your photo ready and waiting for you the next day. We have not had any passport photos returned to us yet. 

100% Guaranteed !
Should your passport photographs be rejected, please return them and we will retake them free of charge.

All Nationalities of Passport & Visa Photos
We also routinely produce international passport and visa photos, including the USA, India, Canada, Australia, etc.

Baby Passport Photos
We are also able to do baby and infant passport photos.

Professional Photo Studio for Professional Results
We are NOT a standard Photo Booth...As your passport photo lasts for 10 years, it makes sense to have a photograph that you are happy with. So why settle for a cheap photo booth photos ? All our passport photos are taken with top of the range studio cameras, and individually developed in Photoshop, adjusting for perfect skin tones and colour. And of course we can help with the odd wrinkle or blemish so you will be proud to show off your passport photo rather than being embarrassed by it!

Book your passport photo shoot now below or call us on 01753 860 996 to arrange your appointment. 

Alternatively call us now on 01753 860 996 or E-Mail us by clicking here to check for availability and discuss what suits you best.
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