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There’s little point in having beautiful photographs taken if you don’t show them off to their best. This is exactly what our fabulous range of top quality family heirloom photo books are designed to do, making them an ideal and lasting momento of any occasion.  

These are NOT your ‘run of the mill’ photo books that you can buy cheaply online and on the high street. The quality of workmanship is exceptional and only the very best materials are used. Each book is individually hand made to order and painstakingly checked on completion. Real wood is used in the covers to avoid any bowing and hand stitched seams (not gummed!) are as standard, giving years and years of life without a single page becoming unstuck. We then have a number of optional finishing touches such as additional pocket books which make great gifts for godparents, grandparents and close friends, dust covers, fish-tail ribbons, slip covers, and presentation boxes are all available on request. 

Heirloom Photo Books by High Quality Portrait Photographer Eton

Our ethos is to create memories that last and last, whether they be of your Eton Days, your wedding, birthday, christening or family holiday, and we are confident that we have the best photo book on the market that will show your photos off to their very best and will be a family  heirloom to pass on to the generations to come. 

Our new 'Lay Flat" binding is an option that allows you view all the pages right up to the middle spine; particularly good for double page spreads. The two facing pages 'lie flat' against each other instead of sinking into the spine as in traditional book binding. The cost for this option is an additional £100 per book regardless of size or number of pages.

The number of pages (and therefore final price) will largely depend on the number of photos used from each photoshoot, and the number of photos used on each page.

OUR RECOMMENDATION is to aim for between 25 and 50 pages in total (ie 50 to 100 sides). The prices above are for a total of 25 pages (50 sides); Additional pages are charged at £9.98 per page (2 sides) for the small books and £11.98 per page (2 sides) for the large size.
We find that the optimum layout is to have most double page spreads containing one single, large photo on one side and its facing page with 2, 3 or 4 smaller photos. We also like to use the odd double page spread and we recommend separating each academic year with a Chapter spread containing one black title page and one ‘fine art’ page of Eton College.

We take payment for the photo books on the confirmation of your order as they are bespoke items.

If you require any additional pages during the design process, then these are invoiced before the book is actually printed.

The design of your photo book is not just limited to a single photo shoot. You can also add photos from any other photo shoots that we have taken, such as Eton House Photos, Eton House Plays, Family photo shoots, sporting events and "Eton's 4th of June" and special occasions. There will be a small charge of just £5 per photo for photos taken from photo shoots other than that of your main photo shoot. You are not limited to the number of photos you can include. Subscribers to our Eton Days Books however are exempt from this charge as it is included in the "My Eton Days" Subscription. 

To start woirking on your photo book we now need to know the following information

1- Size, (Large or Small)

2- Orientation (Portrait, Landscape or Square)

3- Whether you want the Lay Flat option or not

4- The number of pages you want us to start working to

5 - If you would like any replica mini-books for Godparents, grandparents etc,

If we have not heard from you within a few days we will make sure to contact you. We will be very pleased to talk you through the various options
at any stage. 

What is the design Process?

Step 1 -  We send you the 1st draft of your photo book


Step 2 - You are required to check this 1st draft and come back to us within 7 working days with any amendments or changes you would like us to apply. Please send us a comprehensive list of all the changes and modifications that you require. Please do this by e mail, ensuring to include photos referenced by existing page numbers for any that need modifying.


Step 3 - We will then send you a video of the 2nd draft with any changes you asked for. 


Step 4 - This step is designed for any last, minor, modifications. Please ensure to check all spelling, and dates. We will require your final feedback within 7 working days by e mail in list form, stating precisely that changes you need.


Step 3 - A video of the final draft of the photo book will then be sent to you to approve and sign off. 

Any further changes after step 4 will be charged at our standard rate of £50 per hour.

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