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A dedicated wall space is reserved for our “Photographer of the Month” where we display and promote the work of one photographer at a time.

Dimensions and Quantity of Photographs

The allocated wall space 4.3m x 2.45m.  The number of photos displayed is up to you but as an example you can get up to 18 55 x 65cm framed photographs which is our recommended format.

Promotional Materials

The promotion of your exhibition is as important as the photos themselves and we make every effort to promote your exhibition through press releases, emailings, invitations, posters and leaflets.  Each Visiting Photographer is supplied with a promotional pack to help get word out about their exhibition and attract people to see and buy their work.  These promotional pack could include....

50 high quality evening invitation cards for all your contacts
DL sized promotion flyers
A4 Promotional Posters
An e-shot to over 5,000 people held in the gallery’s email database
A professional press release to national art and photography based press as well as local media
Coverage in the “featured artist” section of Rhubarb & Custard’s website promoting the sale of your prints uploaded

Booking Fees and Commissions

We ask for a booking fee of £245 to secure your exhibition.  This non refundable fee contributes towards the promotional costs, including the leaflets, flyers and invitations etc...and administrational costs of setting up your web profile, uploading your images and so on.  Our commission on sales will be only 35% (the industry standard is more like 50 to 60%!).  This means you keep 65% of sales and sales minus the cost of frames, which will help you break into profit more easily.  We also encourage photographers to sell cards and photo-books to complement the exhibition and make it more “whole”.  We will require a commission of just 15% on other merchandise sold as well.

You would be required to purchase or rent the frames through us as well as have all prints printed through us.


You will benefit from the fact that we will be promoting and selling your prints on our website from the date of confirmation of booking.  We reserve the right to continue to do this for a minimum period of one year from the completion of your exhibition, but this can continue ad infinitum unless we hear otherwise from you.

FREE Consultation

Prior to your exhibition Halid will hold an hours free consultation sharing with you his knowledge and experience of how to promote your exhibition to the max. We want to help you at every stage so you don’t feel alone on your quest.

Invitation Events

We would encourage you to have one “invitation only” evening to help promote your work to your work friends, contacts, colleagues and family.  This should be seen as an investment in building your reputation and making sales as, from experience, such events can be lucrative.

How to supply your photographs & profile information

A short Biography as a word document or email
A photo of yourself in high resolution
The photos you wish to upload and sell through our website (in digital form JPEGS PLEASE with largest side a minimum of 600 pixels and maximum of 1200 pixels at 72 dpi, and sharpened for web use as required).
Each photograph MUST be named with the photographs title (e.g. Russian Winterscape.jpg)
The size and price of prints for each photo.  You may wish to provide an unframed (but mounted) and framed and mounted price.
The photos you want in your exhibition in High Resolution, again named with the photographer’s title.  

Printing, Mounting & Framing Service

In order to keep the look & feel of the gallery consistent and to maintain the highest quality work, we prefer to print, mount and frame your photographs for the exhibition.  This also ensures that you have less to worry about.  Please see the last page for prices.  We have ensured that all printing prices are very competitive, being at least 50 pence cheaper per print than high street labs such as Snappy Snapps.
Digital files must be supplied at least 2 months in advance of your exhibition.

Exhibitor Options

 The photograph is supplied by you framed and ready to hang directly - with this option the booking fee would be £445.  The commission per sale taken would be 50%.

 We print mount and frame your work using our first class quality printer and papers.  In this case the booking fee would be just £245 and we would reduce the commission to 35%.


Frames are available for purchase from £33.34 each (40 x 50cm).  Alternatively, a cheaper option is to rent the frames from us.

Mounts with apertures that are not of a standard 35mm camera ratio (2:3) would need to be bought instead of rented.  The rental fee would then be lower.  Please ask for details.


For the images that you sell, we will simply subtract the cost of purchasing the frames sold from the total commission on any sales you make.

Example - If you decided to display 18 pieces (50 x 60), paying for the frames outright would work out as £981.72.  Renting would cost just £270.

Your next step

Please send us your details as listed below so that we can try to find the best dates for exhibiting your work.  As there is limited space and time, not all applicants will be successful, but we hope to see your art displayed with us soon.

Name, Address, Landline & Mobile
Email & Website if you have one
Previous exhibitions if any
Photographic accreditations if any
Style of work
Proposed theme for exhibiting
Preferred dates for exhibiting

Please include a minimum of 4 photos that are intended for the exhibition.  These may be digital or print (prints will not be returned unless provided with a stamped addressed envelope.)

Once we have a date agreed you will need to sign in the space below to agree to the above agreement and send to us and call us with your credit card details to secure your space.


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Other Exhibitions

We have 3 main types of Photo Exhibitions at any one time...

Photographer of The Month Exhibitions

Each month we shall be featuring a different artist as our Photographer of the Month with a wide range of subject matter, style and technique.


Open Exhibitions

Our Open Exhibitions are open to everyone, amator and pro alike. We set the theme, you provide the photos! 

Inspirational Collections

Hand picked collections of photos designed to inspire the photographer in you, or to privide a wide range of our best photos that will be perfect for any room and any mood.

View our latest Visiting Photographer Exhibition


View our latest Themed Exhibition


View our latest Gallery Collection


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