"My Eton Days" Subscriptions - Questions & Answers


Q - How long do I have to commit for ?
A -
"My Eton Days" subscriptions are renewed at the beginning of each academic year. You only commit to one year at a time (that's 3 photoshoots) and can take the option of not renewing at the end of each academic year.

Q - Do I have to buy any prints or files during the subscription ?
A -
No; There is no requirement at all for you to purchase anything during the course of your subscription. However we do have all manner of prints, framed photos, photo books, acrylic wall frames, cut outs and so on, during your subscription. Please also note that the cost of your subscription does not include the cost of a final photobook as these are all priced invividually, based on the number of pages and size of the books themselves. Please contact us for details of our our current heirloom photobooks and prices.

Q - Do you literally follow my son around the college grounds - he would find this embarrasing!
Absolutely not ! The last thing we want is to embarras your son, with a lens fixed on him all the time, so all our shoots are arranged at discrete times, when other students aren't around. They are all pre-arranged with your son at a time that's convenient for him and are for a maximum of one hour at a time ( & often less).

Q - Will it interfere with his studies ?
A -
Not at all - We have an very flexible agenda and are able to fit shoots in at most times of the day. Furthermore, some shoots, such as a football or rugby match,  don't even involve any extra time from him as we'll just be on the touchline while he's playing. Although we allow an hour for each shoot, most actually just take between 15 and 45 minutes (Housemasters and dames for example wouldn't want to have a shoot with them that takes longer than 15 minutes or so).

Q - Do I need to organise all the shoots for him?
A -
We do all the organisation for you. We would normally e mail your son directly, cc'ing in the Dame and yourself, so that everyone is kept informed every step of the way.


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